NATA's Workers' Compensation Insurance Program

NATA is offering members a cutting-edge NATA Workers’ Compensation Insurance ProgramTM designed exclusively for NATA members with your special needs in mind. This exciting new program offers their most competitive prices for NATA members. In addition, NATA’s members participating in NATA’s Safety 1st programs will be given preferential pricing wherever it is permitted by local state rules!

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Safety Credits Available to
Safety 1st Participants

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Key Features

  • Coverage for Ground and Air operations
  • Endorsements cover General Aviation special needs
  • Integration of Safety 1st into the program
  • Preferential Pricing for Safety 1st participants
  • Individual Dividend Plan rewards safety
  • Faster Dividend payout after policy expiration
  • Dedicated Claims Unit for NATA Members
  • Coverage available in every non-monopolistic state
  • Stop Gap Coverage for ND, OH, WA, WY
  • Up-front rewards for those with the best experience
  • Industry leading customer service
  • General Aviation specific Loss Control assistance